1. MWM rough #1

  2. Kparr Dirè - Balafon Music from Lobi Country
    Various Artists

  3. Ereignishorizont
    Schneider TM

  4. The 8 Of Space
    Schneider TM

  5. Utopien I
    die ANGEL

  6. Indoor Caravan
    NOHE NOSHE / ​Schneider TM​ / Zappi Diermaier

  7. Live at Marie-Antoinette
    Damo Suzuki & Sound Carriers

  8. Black Wood

  9. Yön Magneetti Sine
    die ANGEL

  10. Entropien I
    die ANGEL

  11. .

  12. LUCKY O.S.T.

  13. REMAINDER (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Schneider TM

  14. RA
    Schneider TM & Jochen Arbeit

  15. Avant Garde Is The French Word For Shit
    Super Reverb

    fuchs & beckett

  17. Guitar Sounds (Bonus Version)
    Schneider TM

  18. Construction Sounds
    Schneider TM

  19. Super Reverb
    Super Reverb

  20. 246 (free download)

  21. Skoda Mluvit
    Schneider TM

  22. Zoomer (Bonus Version)
    Schneider TM

  23. Binokular
    Schneider TM & Kptmichigan

  24. Moist (Bonus Version)
    Schneider TM

  25. Terra Null.

  26. 26000

  27. Hedonism

  28. Kalmukia

  29. In Transmediale
    Angel & Hildur Guðnadóttir

  30. Angel

  31. Good Sound
    Mr. Schmuck's Farm (Hildur Guðnadóttir & Dirk Dresselhaus)

  32. Live at Galerie Bains Douche (free download)
    Super Reverb

  33. Mobilee
    Schneider TM

  34. Live At HBC
    Jochen Arbeit / Schneider TM / Claas Grosszeit

  35. Louis & Bebe
    Joanna Dudley & Schneider TM

  36. kptmichigan

  37. 撫平塵暴 - Live At N.K. (free download)
    Schneider TM

  38. Cäcilie Awestruck - First Rehearsal (free download)
    Schneider TM feat. Kptmichigan, Ilpo Väisänen, Ronald Lippok

  39. Schneider TM und Lustfaust
    Schneider TM und Lustfaust

  40. MMCA (free download)

  41. A S S
    Jochen Arbeit, Günter Schickert, Schneider TM

  42. Con-Struct
    Conrad Schnitzler & Schneider TM

  43. Redux (free download)
    Station 17 / Schneider TM

  44. 10 Self-Modulating Loops Made Whilst Fasting

  45. Begruessungsgeld (free download)
    DAS (Delgado/Arbeit/Schneider)

  46. KIDS - Electric Guitar Orchestra (live at ausland, Berlin)
    KIDS - Electric Guitar Orchestra

  47. Nacton Sur Mer

  48. Player, Player

  49. Oscillation
    Locust Fudge

  50. Business Express
    Locust Fudge

  51. Royal Flush
    Locust Fudge

  52. Flush
    Locust Fudge

  53. Ventilator (Bonus Version)
    Hip Young Things

  54. Shrug
    Hip Young Things

  55. Root'n Varies
    Hip Young Things

  56. Deflowered
    Hip Young Things

  57. Starscene '98
    Tuesday Weld

  58. (Herself)
    Tuesday Weld

  59. Home_Away (free download)
    kptmichigan and son

  60. kptmichigan / black stepdad
    kptmichigan / black stepdad

  61. Grenzgaenger - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Dirk Dresselhaus

  62. Polnische Ostern - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Dirk Dresselhaus

  63. 66/67 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Dirk Dresselhaus


MirrorWorldMusic Berlin, Germany

MirrorWorldMusic is a label, archive, and publishing imprint for diverse idiosyncratic music projects that are linked in some way by their protagonists, involving the likes of Schneider TM, Dirk Dresselhaus, Kptmichigan, die ANGEL, Locust Fudge, and others. The diversity of the stylistic scope is unified by an overarching experimental approach and multi-minded spirit.

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